About ME

Amy is a full time illustrator living and working in Ulverston, Cumbria. Amy’s unique fun and vibrant style has continued to flourish with cards and gifts being stocked in many shops and outlets in the Lake District and beyond. She continues to be inspired by some of her favourite animals enjoying the local sights and their hobbies. 

Currently Amy is working hard extending her Happy Days Collection of cards ready for the Harrogate Home and Gift Show this coming July. Theses illustrations feature some of her most loved characters enjoying some of the classic British ‘Happy Days’, from partying at festivals to eating ice creams on the beach and a new ages collection for children 1 to 10 and adult key ages.

When not down the bottom of the garden drawing in her Picasso Blue shed, Amy is a keen runner, competing for Hoad Hill Harriers and cyclist, competing for Barrow Central Wheelers. This year she will compete at the Age Group World Championships for Standard Distance Duathlon RUN BIKE RUN in Pontevedra in Spain. Woo hoo!